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We are a creative and innovative software company that develops cross platform and multifunctional data driven solutions.

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We are a company that has years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry, developing technologies to help drive manufacturing in the very high demanding field of automotive. To keep up with the high demands and accountability that the car industry requires we have created our production system and Warehouse Management System (WMS). These two systems work well together or can be independent. They are built with all ERP Systems in mind: SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Epicor, etc... These systems can be used in any manufacturing environment to record production, keep your inventory accurate, and have traceability.

  • Everything is hosted in the cloud no server hardware needed on site.
  • Customized reporting for each production station.
  • Accurate numbers for production and warehouse inventory.


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We are a software company that develops production, warehouse, and lobby solutions

Production System

A robust manufacturing system that collects PLC data, weighs parts, and scans barcodes to count everything produced on the production floor. Paperless production easy to handle and efficient. Offline production mode and easily accessible on many different platforms: computers, laptops, tablet s, and mobile devices. Interfaces with all ERP systems on the market and many different databases. Has built in scrap detection to help insure your rework or scrap parts do not get shipped to your customers. Helps to track your scrap for reporting purposes. Cycle time detection, monitoring and reporting stats, collects data from machines on the floor like PLCs. Collects downtime codes and reasons, tracking breaks and stops in the manufacturing process.

  • Production cells with scan count capability for all barcodes: 1D, 2D, or dot matrix.
  • Production cells with PLC count capability for all PLC brands
  • Production cells with weight count capability on bench scales and floor scales.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system with desktop application and scan gun application included. Take annual inventory or monthly cycle counts. Paperless movements in the warehouse process to pick and put parts. Scan gun application works on two different platforms currently, Motorola and Datalogic scanners. Built in inventory for cycle counts or full blown year end counts. Desktop application for users to see the scans for the day and to enter movements as a backup. Accountability is built in for all users who pick up a scan gun, the user must scan into the scan gun with a badge. This is tracked during the entire process while they are using the scanner. Runs as a standalone software or can be hooked into our production system which will be able to track your final product through the warehouse. With this you will be able to track and load final product as it sits in the warehouse and gets loaded on the truck for the customer.

  • WMS desktop application.
  • WMS scan gun application.
  • Scan capable cycle count and inventory.

Lobby System

Lobby is a guest check in solution for lobby or font entrance. It can be used with or without a receptionist and contacts your employees by email and text to let them know they have a guest waiting in the lobby.

  • No receptionist no problem.
  • Program can exist on the company network or in the cloud.
  • Bring the Wow factor to your front lobby.

Expedite Software

Expedite is a solution that tracks expedite shipments from your warehouse. This solution tracks the carrier and product to tell you how much you are spending on goods that you are behind on shipping to your customer.

  • Track expedites.
  • Track shipping providers.
  • Run reports on your expedites.


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Our innovative lineup of software solutions

Production System

Manufacturing software solution with scan, scale, or plc count services. Production reporting and traceability on all parts produced for real time analysis and accountability.


Warehouse Management System for warehouse day to day operations. This software includes desktop management piece, inventory, and mobile scangun solution.

Lobby Software

Welcome guest without a paper sign in sheet, just secure and seamless visitor registration. Lobby software replaces the need for a receptionist.

Expedite Software

Application that tracks expedites for logistics and warehouse. This program contains container management as well as tracks vendors moving the goods.

" Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight. "- Bill Gates

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